The Little Prince - A Musical

The Little Prince is a children’s book written by the French pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the 1940s.  Although an outwardly simple story of the Little Prince’s travels from his home (asteroid B-612) to a number of planets, and finally to earth, it is also a poignant and philosophical tale.

The Little Prince has left his beloved Rose behind as he seeks an answer to his questions.  In meeting the occupants of different planets, The Little Prince learns that grown-ups are obsessed with things that seem of little importance to him - numbers, chores, vanity and status for example.  He also learns, from a fox that he tames, that the truth can only be seen with the heart, not with the eyes. 

The story is told by an Aviator, who meets The Little Prince after crashing his plane in the desert.  The Aviator becomes very fond of the Little Prince and his funny ways.  When the Prince leaves (either returning to his planet or dying from the bite of a snake, depending on our interpretation) he offers the stars as a way for the Aviator to remember him. 

We have written a new translation of the original French book, which is itself now out of copyright. 

The Little Prince is both a charming story for children, and a way to broach themes of mental health, love and mortality.  We believe that this magical tale is the perfect antidote to challenging times, and would be warmly welcomed by families keen to experience live theatre again.

We welcome expressions of interest from potential collaborators, venues, producers and music publishers to help bring this unique story to life, be it in theatre, film or televisual media.

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Lyrics & Book

Sam Chittenden

Sam is an award-winning theatre maker. Her show 'Clean' won best new play at Brighton Fringe in 2019.


Simon Scardanelli

Simon has a distinguished track record as a singer songwriter and in music production. 

Producers and venues can contact for more details and a longer extract.