A feminist-folk-horror theatre production based on the 19th century Sussex tale of 'Ol' Sary Weaver'. 

"They call me witch. A teeth-gnasher. A shape-shifter. When a man says a woman turns into a hare, it means she were too quick for him!" 

This piece of English Eerie explores themes of female sexuality, ageing and loss as kinds of alchemy. 

Featuring Sharon Drain and Rebecca Jones.  Written and directed by award-winning writer Sam Chittenden. 

'Sary' was a pick-of-the fringe by both Fringe Guru and Chris On Theatre, and was nominated for The Infallibles Award for Theatrical Excellence. 

Warnings: Age 14+ 

"Like an intimate performance of a National Theatre production" (Fringe Review).   

“Magical Storytelling”; “a captivating performance”; “a masterpiece of language” 

Brighton Fringe [REVIEW1; REVIEW2];

Edinburgh Fringe [REVIEW3; Audience Reviews]

Reading Fringe Digital [REVIEW4]

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